weekend project: sukie iron ons

30 Jul

I debated for a while whether or not to feature this item, but decided to go ahead, with all the requisite warnings.

Found this fantastic book of iron-on patterns at our local art shop the other day.  Designs are by husband-and-wife team of Darrell Gibbs and Julie Harding, who run Sukie, the Brighton, UK-based firm.  They’re known for their whimsical and bright-patterned textiles and stationery.  Needless to say, I love their work.

butterfly iron-on

So I was slightly dismayed to see the reviews on Amazon.com for Sukie Iron-Ons.  Apparently, they’re not incredibly easy to use, a fact that’s led to some disappointed customers writing about their experiences.  But there’s some good news.

I checked out the Sukie blog today and discovered a post (7/2) which read, “New and Improved Sukie Iron-Ons are out now!”  They also reference The Happy Honeybee blog, a craft site that offers tips and tricks on how to achieve the best transfer (basically, use light pressure and a wooden cutting board to protect your fabric).

I’d also recommend trying the iron-ons on some pillowcases and sheets before taking the clothing route.  The patterns do lend themselves quite well to home decor.  I can’t wait to create some of my own pieces as well.

Below, my favorites from the 30 pages of transfer designs:

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


One Response to “weekend project: sukie iron ons”

  1. Esther August 2, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Those look awesome! Totally have to think of something to do with them.

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