jens risom vs ikea poang

1 Aug

Risom rocker in lychee

Move over, Monte.   Although the amazing Luca glider is still my favorite item in Fionn’s room (space-saving, cozy, and orange) I’ve found a new love among the rockers.  As described by the folks at Design Within Reach, “We turned to Jens Risom to lend a hand when we were looking to bring an upholstered rocker into our assortment. The Risom Rocker (2009) has a nine-button tufted back; a nod toward the classic Danish modern aesthetic that can be found in all of Risom’s work.”

So not ‘vintage’ (designed in 2009) but thoroughly mid-century in its aesthetic, the Jens Risom rocker would be a gorgeous addition to any nursery (or living room, or sitting room, or hallway…)

close-up, in tiger lily

It comes in two standard fabrics (“lychee” and “tiger lily”) for $1680 but can also be customized – at a price within the ‘if you have to ask’ range.   But compare this to the thousand-plus bucks you could be spending on a fancy crib or a Nurseryworks rocking chair and the price becomes less crazy.  Plus, wouldn’t it just make you so happy to see it everyday?  (remember, slight feelings of guilt for spending a mortgage payment on a chair are totally natural and sometimes a necessary side effect).

If not, we’ll bring you back to reality.  But we’ll bring you down softly.

Poang in tuna (light blue/gray), brown legs

The IKEA Poang chair has become a basic by now, like a pair of (non-designer) jeans – functional, useful, perfectly pleasant, but unlikely to stir any sort of complex emotions in your household.  Well, good news.  I spied two new fabric coverings upon my last visit to the Swedish mega-emporium that made me smile.  At top, Tuna (I have no idea why it’s called that).   And below, a woodland-themed design called Karlsro Multi.  I could envision an entire nursery designed around this pattern.

Poang in karlsro multi, beech legs

At $129, it’s virtually palpitation-free, but smile-inducing, nonetheless.


One Response to “jens risom vs ikea poang”

  1. Esther August 2, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I grew up in a house full of Danish modern stuff so I’m all about the beautiful frame part but I really just don’t like the way the top part is wider. Don’t like it at all.
    Wish I had a Monte glider though- jealous, but those weren’t out yet when we were buying our nursey furniture 😦

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