ceramic lamps

20 Aug

…And we’re back.

The Daleys are now officially a two-laptop household, and although I vow to never be sitting next to my husband on the sofa or bed, sharing  warmed thighs and screen-glare-reflections on our glasses, I know that day is soon to come.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but with a very busy week-and-a-half ahead of us chez Daley (including interviews, birthdays and baby namings), I hope you’ll forgive my post flakiness in advance.  So without further ado, how about some butterflies for inspiration?

butterfly lamps, shop good grace, etsy

I have a weird fascination with figural ceramic lamps from the 1950s and 1960s.   Plus, I have a niece whose parents are always on the lookout for unique butterfly decor (see previous post here).    These lamps are the perfect combination of those interests, although I’m sure they’d also fall into the category of “things from my mom’s childhood that she would eagerly re-throw in the garbage, if presented with the opportunity.”  I don’t care.  They’re adorable for a little girl’s room.  And for less than $100 for the pair, they can really add some sparkle and shine to a dull dresser.  Alas, they’ve already sold out from Shop Good Grace’s Etsy shop, but there are always wonderful things to be found here, including another set of lamps made of white milk glass.

puppy lamp, point b, etsy

But if you want a ceramic lamp, check out this puppy!  Yes, Urban Outfitters makes its own knock-off version (I’ve seen it in stores, but not online); this is the real deal.  How freaking cute.  Available via Point B for $55 on Etsy, this is going to be snatched up really fast. 

cat lamps, planetrecyclemodern, ebay

These black lamps (with hot pink shades) are called “cat lamps” – do you see the resemblance?  (I think cat people must be heavy searchers on Ebay, hence the title).  At over $200 for the pair, offered by Planet Recycle Modern on Ebay, they’re ridiculously expensive but a good example of mid-century kitsch lighting.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you soon.


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