nineteen seventy three cards

16 Sep

Paul Thurlby card

I’m not the first to notice this amazing manufacturer of retro-influenced greeting cards and prints. In fact, I’ve seen the work of 1973ltd on a variety of blogs, most notably a fantastic website called Retro To Go. (They’re London-based, so some of the items they cover are difficult to find stateside… however, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.)

As their namesake suggests, the company selects relatively new-to-the-scene artists and designers to feature and promote.  You can check out the whole selection here, but my favorites are definitely the cards by Paul Thurlby (whose alphabet “A” is featured at top), Darling Clementine, and Sanna Annukka.

Claudettes by Darling Clementine

And although I think the Thurlby cards are incredibly clever in a vintage way (very Three Potato Four), the Claudettes series by Darling Clementine really captured my heart.  I’m always partial to a mid-century circus/magic-inspired drawing, and I fall for the cut-paper look every time.    Apparently, this collection was designed specifically for 1973, but you can see everything on their (Norwegian) website here.

Badger by Darling Clementine, framed

They also produce a (larger-sized, obviously) screen print of the lion shown above, as well as an elephant,  for GBP 70 here.

Sunflower, Sun Bird, Out at Sea

Lastly, if you haven’t been feeling the whole “1973” theme yet, here are some cards to get you in the avocado-and-maize shag carpet mood. A 2005 graduate from the University of Brighton, Sanna Annukka also brings the Scandinavian influence (and her Finnish heritage) to her work.  These gold foil-detailed cards are incredible examples of her style, and you can mix and match among the 12 versions.

Spirits of the North silkscreen

Also beautiful are her “Spirits of the North” silkscreen posters (above), which are numbered and signed in an edition of 85.  Buy them for GBP 245 on her website.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people decorating their walls with things they’re not crazy about.  (I honestly don’t know how homeowners on these HGTV shows can stand it when Bromstad etc. drag a brush across a canvas, call it ‘art’ for the sake of covering empty space).  Find images you love.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re original paintings, silkscreens, poster prints or photocopies.  As long as they’re meaningful to you, it’s wonderful.


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