sicky kids and hot water bottle covers

21 Sep
When you’re a new parent, everything is significant.  And nothing is more nerve-racking for both child and parent than a high fever and its companion, the hair-trigger temper and its attendant crying fit (again, for both child and parent).  So in the Daley history books, the second week of September will from here on be known as the time of Cold/Flu Number Two.
Hot Water Bottle Monster by Jaffajaf, Etsy

So what have I learned? First, I’ve got one tough kid.  I’m really proud of him.  And, second, I never knew how many folk remedies my husband can whip up.  While I was surfing the web about antibiotics and second-opinions, my lovely husband was busy in the kitchen, formulating one of his many lemon-and-honey based concoctions.   And although Fionn didn’t really get into the whole chicken broth – tea – Vapo-Rub under the warm towel thing, it sure comforted us.  For what it’s worth, Daddy’s remedies made me feel a heck of a lot better…  (Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lancashire?  Guess the wet North has something to say about keeping kids warm and dry).

And this experience has also made me curious about getting a custom cover for our tough red rubber hot water bottle so Fionn could use it too.  I’m leaning towards the Hot Water Bottle Monster by Jaffajaf, available on Etsy (where else?) for $25.  Based in Brisbane (where else… Australia really has a hold on cool kids stuff right now), Jaffajaf is the nanna-granddaughter team of Yvonne and Debbie.  They’ve got a fantastic touch and I’d highly recommend checking out their online shop.  Their felted dinosaurs are especially wonderful.

Alpaca/Merino Bottle Cover,

Looking to go a bit more luxe for your little one?  How about a merino/alpaca wool blend to carefully caress your hot water bottle?  It’s from DWR, and at $70, it’s more of a gift than an everyday purchase, but I can imagine how soft and warm this would be.   And the wool’s got quite a pedigree; apparently, “when not operating their ski lift, four generations of the Steiner family have been spinning, weaving, milling and refining fine woolen cloth at the foot of the Dachstein mountain in the Austrian Alps. Legendary designers and companies like Yves St. Laurent, Bogner, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and others have used the high-quality fabrics for their fashions.” 

Pirate Mouse,

But to be honest, I think I’m more of a Pirate Mouse kind of gal.  I’m not sure he’s made near the Swiss Alps, but he is German, if that helps anyone…  Available on for $25.95, I think he could easily become a bedtime favorite (with or without the hot water).

Aran "Jumper" Cover, A Crooked Sixpence, Etsy

If you’re into something more traditional, I’d recommend one of these ‘knitted sweaters’ made expressly for hot water bottles.  The Internet is full of instructions on how to do it yourself (which seems to be a lot of fun to make).  But if you’re like me, and would rather reward those who have perfected the craft, you may want to head over to the shop on Etsy called A Crooked Sixpence.  Above, this is their Aran jumper in the White Chocolate color, for $36.

Red Cashmere Cozy by Honeycreweller, Etsy

But my absolute favorite?  (Yes, I know I started this post talking about my son).   An ‘upcycled’ cashmere sweater.   Taking the logic one step further, why knit when you’ve got perfectly wonderful cashmere right at your fingertips?  The Honeycreweller shop on Etsy offers this one in red for $32; there are other colors available as well.

Ribbon detail, courtesy Honeycreweller

I especially love the contrasting satin ribbon and button closure detail and the blue cotton lining.  Because I know when I’m feeling sicky, beautiful fabrics and coordinating materials really cheer me up.   For Fionn, I think the hot water bottle monster would be a surer bet.


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