birds everywhere

12 Oct

I’m typing this from my desk at my new job.  (It’s lunch hour, btw).

Surrounded by contact lists, org charts and presentation decks, it’s quite a different thing from the ‘playground-nap-lunch-errands-playground-nap-snack’ cycle I’ve become accustomed to over the past year.  Needless to say, by the time I get home from work, I’m friggin exhausted.  So here’s the plan.  We’ll aim for one post a week (I’ve yet to figure out what day that’ll happen, and if it’ll be consistent to that day).  So bear with me, and please check back periodically for new inspiration.  And as always, reader suggestions, questions or tips are well welcome.

Concert poster, Doves at Sasquatch 2009

And as I’ll be surrounded by news of eggs, chicks, hens and other poultry-related issues on one of my new accounts at the agency, I thought it’d be great time to return to this ever-popular nursery (and toddler room) motif.  Above, one of my absolute favorite concert posters by Andrio Abero, a limited edition silkscreen for the Sasquatch 2009 festival (Incidentally, see Fionn’s Sasquatch poster by Invisible Creature here.  It’s out of stock, but I believe the 2010 version is available).  Buy the poster here, it’s a steal at $25.

multimedia birds by Dolan Geiman

I just discovered this artist named Dolan Geiman.  I think he may be a big deal… his work was featured on FFFound! and a handful of art blogs.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘found material’ school (Joseph Cornell is a notable example, if you’re curious check out his work), but this piece grabbed my attention.  It’s not cheap ($400) but if you’re a starting-out art collector, it could be a compelling part of your new collection.  Find his work on (where you’ll also be directed to his website and blog).

Chicken puppet, seewhatimade, Etsy

Baby bird crochet rattle, blue moon crochet, Etsy

On a slightly different note… I couldn’t resist including these two little guys.  At top, the chicken with the most personality is available on Etsy from the seewhatimade shop, for $10.  At bottom, a perfect itty-bitty gift rattle by blue moon crochet is available for $5 in lots of different colors.  Get a craft nest from Michael’s and fill it with an assortment of these tiny chicks.

Oeuf poster, Bad Circle, Etsy

Lastly, and perhaps in terribly bad taste, here’s another poster I really loved.  Created by Bad Circle, it measures 16×20.  Like many artisans now selling their wares on Etsy, 10% of your purchase will go to charity … in this case, helping  children in Chiapas, Mexico to go to school.  At $12 (unframed) you really can’t go wrong.  Place it side by side with a mod Who poster and you’ve got yourself a clever juxtaposition there.


4 Responses to “birds everywhere”

  1. Caley @ Dolan Geiman Inc. October 14, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    Thank you for the shout-out Jaime! Congratulations on the new job (and a lovely blog too).

    Dolan Geiman
    Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

  2. Nicole October 16, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    Congratulations on the new job!

    Love the oeuf poster from Etsy. It’s perfect for a modern nursery.

  3. bonnie October 18, 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    Go Jaime! Keep up the posts. Your friends and fans love to hear your “voice” even if it’s once a week.

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