beware! snakes!

9 Feb

If I had a whole lot of money to spare, I’d start every shopping trip at 1st Dibs.  That’s where I found this carnival side show box, being sold by the American Primitive Gallery in Manhattan.  (You may need to register in order to log in, but it’s worth it, I promise).   The glass at top (to protect the poor snakes from little kids’ fingers, I’m assuming) has been replaced by plexiglass, but the rest of the table is completely intact.   A great side table or even a mini-bookshelf, I’d love this piece in a big boy’s room.  Only trouble…  it costs $550.

So how about something a bit … newer … for a little less cash?

One of my favorite online toy shops is called  It features lots of European-based toys and furniture, stuff you can’t find on Amazon or, goodness knows, Toys R Us.   This table/play piece is designed by Bolette and Louise Blaedel of Denmark (their company is called bObles).   Made of 10 layers of foam, I could see this lasting quite a while.  Of course, at $279, it should last forever.

Here’s my last amazing snake-related discovery of the day, courtesy The Freckled Elephant on Etsy.

These are the most clever teethers I’ve seen in a while.  Handmade and featuring a variety of different fabric patterns, these plush snakes wrap around your baby’s arm (or crib post, or the dog’s leg, as would be the case in my home).  Perfect for the time in between teeth appearing and real motor skills kicking in.  For $13 each, you can get a handful of them.  Or select just one, put it in a clear acrylic box from the Container Store, add some easter grass,  and you’ve got a really cool terrarium-themed shower gift.


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