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blues and pinks in handbags and bed linens

3 Jun

My favorite teenage Coach bag

Had a few minutes to spare this evening, and spent it checking out the new Poppy collection by Coach.   Usually, when I find myself too old for something, it makes me sad.  But I love the youthfulness and spirit of the Poppy line; in fact, it makes me happy to think of a young woman getting one of these bags for her birthday the way I received my (cherished and treasured) black half-moon-shaped-mini-belt-bag for mine.  I read somewhere that the CEO describes Poppy as “eclectic and spontaneous,” which is definitely how I’d want to describe myself at that age.

Kaleidoscope Glam Tote in Silver/Blue

Kaleidoscope Glam Tote in Silver/Pink

Poppy bags,

How fantastic are these colors?  Incidentally, I’ve been noticing these two colors (teal/turquoise and fuschia/purple) in lots of textiles (and bedding ensembles) lately.   Maybe it’s a marketing thing, or maybe it’s just SUMMER! Yay!

Here are two of my new finds – one crib set and one duvet.  They share the same fresh colors and cool prints.

close up

Plover Organic, teal squares crib set, Pillow Mint, reduced from $335 to $234.50

Not only is the crib bedding made from 100% organic cotton, the designs are block-printed by hand.  And best of all, it’s on sale at the Pillow Mint shop.

Erika fuschia duvet cover, Pine Cone Hill, $124 for twin

A soft and sophisticated design for a big girl room, the leaf motif is eye-catching but not too busy.  As with the handbag at top, it’d look great accompanied by silvers, pinks, and lavenders.

What colors remind you of summer? Let me know.


oilo studio

25 Jan

Oilo Wheels Motif $400

I’ve spent the past few days looking through kids’ bedding catalogs. And I’m realizing it’s like jean shopping. You proudly sport your Old Navy denim, quietly resenting that pair of Citizens wide-legs winking at you from the shop floor. Next time, you stare back. Then you return for the kill. And the $200 price tag stings, but you know you’re going to wear them every day. Figure out that cost equation, old wedding dress! You buy them, you flinch, you try on, you LOVE. Then a few weeks later, Mr Skinny Legs beckons from that copy of InStyle you’re reading at the hairdresser’s. And for some reason, the price doesn’t sting as much. Because you have a coupon, and you saved 20 dollars. $180? Bargain.

This is how I’m starting to feel about $400 for a crib set. Is it wrong? I’m not sure. But it sure is damn gorgeous. Navy blue modern shapes for crib bedding? More, please.

serena & lily and an admission

22 Jan

Serena & Lily Posey collection

Although this blog is dedicated to finding the most interesting and unique ways to plan a kid’s room, the underlying assumption has always been that most readers are on somewhat of a budget. Or, put another way, that your priorities are such that you would (as I would) flinch at the thought of paying $900 for a crib set or $2000 for an area rug. OF course, an occasional splurge is always in order, and sometimes Necessary. But as someone who’s grown up with a mother with a “ready set GO” attitude towards tackling the array of merchandise at a Filene’s Basement, in a family where tag sales are family outings, it’s just against my nature.

That’s why it bristles a bit to feature this retailer. Some of you may have heard of Serena & Lily. Interior designers and specialists in nursery design, their book (featured at top right) has a foreword by Kate Spade. But the product descriptions are worth overcoming any hesitation. Remember the old J Peterman catalogs (before Seinfeld, natch), in which each item featured a mini-story about the clothes’ former lives? Think of this as the rich kid’s counterpart, featuring dust ruffles in place of car coats.

What frightens me is that I can totally imagine how the S&L design team came up with each name and description for their line of crib sets. What delights me is their thoroughness in moving from concept to fabric swatch to room design to complementary paint color.

My biggest question, though, is what happens when parents plan for a Henry but get a Dylan instead. Do they have to change their linens?