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get a bargain: hollywood regency pieces

22 Jul

Jonathan Adler design, via Apartment Therapy

What I love about fashion and design is how quickly the style pendulum swings back and forth… from maximalism to minimalism, toile to geometrics, mirrored to matte, and so on.  And in the age of mixing-and-matching, and especially due to the growth of ‘interest groups’ (i.e. Retro Renovation), the amazing thing is that a wide variety of styles now easily live together, side by side.  So it should come as no surprise that my modern-design blog has been getting its greatest ‘hits’ all thanks to a post titled ‘Hollywood Regency Nursery Inspiration.’  So here’s another… with some bargains to boot.

Draper residence

It’s funny, because this dichotomy reflects the design style of two of my favorite small-screen couples, due to return to television this Sunday night.  Although much has been made of the fact that the Draper household’s furnishings now appear traditional, ‘colonial’ and quite fuddy-duddy (as opposed to the Danish Modern up-and-coming style of Pete and Trudy Campbell) people today seem to be loving on certain elements in Betty’s (and once, Don’s) old-fashioned bedroom.

The puffy upholstered headboard is considered a staple of the Hollywood Regency style, as are things like mirrored dressers, bamboo patterns, architectural forms (like x-shaped ottomans) and a loud assortment of wallpapers and rugs.  But these things can be expensive.  So, in the vein of ‘splurge versus steal,” I’ve gathered some sensible alternatives to the must-have’s for your child’s bedroom – colorful and full of style, Hollywood Regency can be a great direction for kids.

Left: Hollywood Bed, Right: Nurseryworks Vale headboard

1.  The upholstered headboard

A company named RoomService makes this rocking queen-sized bed (above left) in kelly green! but at $1895 you’d be better off taking a class and learning to upholster furniture yourself.

Which is why I was so thrilled to still see the Nurseryworks “Vale” headboard (above right) still available on the website.  It’s been discontinued by the manufacturer, which is why you can now buy a twin-sized headboard for $187.50 (down from a nutty $625).  It comes in a variety of fabrics and colors, but there’s one catch.  Unfortunately, shipping still costs $125.  But you might be lucky enough to find it on one of the children’s sample sale websites … I’ve seen it a few weeks ago and perhaps it’ll show up again.

L: Pottery Barn, R: Target

2.  The mirrored nightstand.

Yes, Pottery Barn’s version (left), at $400, is more intricate and probably more beautiful than the version avialable at Target for $90.  But think of it this way: if you have an older child (obviously, this isn’t the kind of furniture you’d put in a five-year-old’s room) the tabletop surface will be so covered with books, clothes, and other miscellany that you’ll probably only see the legs anyway.  And who wants to spend $400 for a bedside table, especially if you’re thinking of buying a pair?

L: Cyan Lighting, R: Cindy Crawford for JCPenney

3.  The bamboo-framed wall mirror.

The version at left is by a company called Cyan, again available for $400.  But I found this faux bamboo frame mirror (at right) on clearance at JC Penney, reduced from $200 to $80.  It’s not as OTT as the Cyan version, and you may have to overlook the fact that it’s from the “Cindy Crawford” collection (well, I did, snob that I am), but it’s quite lovely.

L: Jonathan Adler, R: Ballard Designs

4.  The X-frame bench

Lastly, to give your room the Jonathan Adler (if you’re East Coast) or Kelly Wearstler (if you’re West Coast) feel, one or two of these benches is really all you need.  They’re super versatile and don’t take up a lot of space.  See them at the photo at top for a sense of how they look in situ.  But “starting at $495”?  Sorry, no can do. And although I hate recommending obvious copies of iconic items (don’t get me started about Eames-like chairs), it’s the only sane thing to do in this instance.  At right, Ballard Designs offers an ottoman in some lovely fabrics, starting at $179 and averaging around $230.

Need help finding pieces for your Hollywood Regency (kid’s) room?  Give me a shout.


rocket offer for rfyo readers!

5 Feb

This has been a week of firsts. My first shout-out on my favorite kids’ interiors website (, my first evidence of real visitors who aren’t related to me, and now, my first offer via a new Etsy friend.

Amy from Mamas Little Monkeys is a SAHM, Slidell, Louisiana native, and founder of (This being Super Bowl weekend, it goes without mention that she’s going to be VERY busy on Sunday as well.)

Amy’s Etsy shops (she has more than one) are chock-ful of wonderful hand-crafted items including hot/cold packs for ‘beau beaus,’ nap mat covers, and these excellent rockets. As shown above, they come in various sizes and fabrics, with and without felt flames.

Here’s the deal. When you check out on Etsy, use the code “roomforyoungones” in the message to seller and you’ll get 20% off any rocket. She will accomodate you with a PayPal refund (the easiest way, in my opinion) or via an adjusted invoice.

Thanks Amy, and geaux Saints!