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inspiration board: girly girl meets mod mom

8 Feb

So you’ve got a modern home.  And you’ve got a little girl who’s grown out of her crib, conversion kit to toddler bed, and those cute monkey wall graphics you bought while in the ‘nesting’ phase of your pregnancy.   What’s more, she’s decided she loves pink.  LOVES pink.  Oh, and Mom, she’s also really loves princesses.  And tutus.  And anything shiny, glittery, or reflective.

At RFYO, we’re here for you.  So let’s take a deep breath.  And let’s start with a wonderful compromise. . . a vintage bed frame.

I discovered this  reupholstered set of french ‘shabby chic’ bed frames at an Etsy shop called Antique2Chic, based out of Birmingham, Michigan.   The beds are $600 each – I agree, a bit steep – but consider them the centerpiece of the room.  The fabric is a beautiful blush-toned linen, perfect for you to play with your pinks and also to be a bit brave with the rest of your decor.  And the nice thing is that once you have the bed in place, you’re now free to use super-new and modern pieces to offset the vintage feel of the piece.

So, Mod Mom, what’s next?

How about going black and white and really BOLD with your graphics?  I think butterflies would be a pretty good bet too.  Here’s my suggestions, including a mix of Kartell, George Nelson, IKEA with some Target thrown in for good measure.  Click here (girly chic) to enlarge the PDF.

1.  French hand-painted mahogany twin beds with linen upholstery, $600, Antique2Chic, Etsy

2. Flannel brocade hook rug, $473 (large size), Layla Grace

3. Set of beautiful 5×5 photo prints, $8.50 each, Lola’s Room, Etsy

4. Circus stripe black and white curtain panels (shown – $180 each at Rosenberry Rooms), similar fabric available for $6.98/yard on Amazon

5. George nelson Ball Clock, $385, Velocity Art & Design (an excellent shop)

6. “Princess” paint color swatch, Benjamin Moore

7. Xhilaration Pixelated Butterfly bed in a bag, $64.99, Target

8.  Edland dresser, $299, IKEA 299

9. Crystorama (!!!) Angelina blush mini chandelier, $229.91, Lamps Plus (A great find, and small enough to look cute)

10.  Kartell Optic storage cube in clear, $283, Design Public


blues and pinks in handbags and bed linens

3 Jun

My favorite teenage Coach bag

Had a few minutes to spare this evening, and spent it checking out the new Poppy collection by Coach.   Usually, when I find myself too old for something, it makes me sad.  But I love the youthfulness and spirit of the Poppy line; in fact, it makes me happy to think of a young woman getting one of these bags for her birthday the way I received my (cherished and treasured) black half-moon-shaped-mini-belt-bag for mine.  I read somewhere that the CEO describes Poppy as “eclectic and spontaneous,” which is definitely how I’d want to describe myself at that age.

Kaleidoscope Glam Tote in Silver/Blue

Kaleidoscope Glam Tote in Silver/Pink

Poppy bags,

How fantastic are these colors?  Incidentally, I’ve been noticing these two colors (teal/turquoise and fuschia/purple) in lots of textiles (and bedding ensembles) lately.   Maybe it’s a marketing thing, or maybe it’s just SUMMER! Yay!

Here are two of my new finds – one crib set and one duvet.  They share the same fresh colors and cool prints.

close up

Plover Organic, teal squares crib set, Pillow Mint, reduced from $335 to $234.50

Not only is the crib bedding made from 100% organic cotton, the designs are block-printed by hand.  And best of all, it’s on sale at the Pillow Mint shop.

Erika fuschia duvet cover, Pine Cone Hill, $124 for twin

A soft and sophisticated design for a big girl room, the leaf motif is eye-catching but not too busy.  As with the handbag at top, it’d look great accompanied by silvers, pinks, and lavenders.

What colors remind you of summer? Let me know.

great area rugs for baby girls

25 Mar

The post below is inspired by a Twitter request by one of my followers, Monica Shulman (aka @Ciaocessa). It reads: design friends, I’m looking for a whimsical yet stylish & modern rug for my baby girl’s room. Can you point me in the right direction? 🙂

Turns out, I’ve since received more information about her nursery, so I’ve sent Monica a different set of suggestions.  If there’s interest, I’ll cover those in a later post.  But for now, here are my favorites.

Some caveats:
In the interest of time (and sanity), I’ll attach the links but haven’t gone through the discipline of posting prices.  Needless to say, prices vary by size and style.  I haven’t included the obvious selections (dwellstudio, for example, has some beautiful pieces which match their bedding ensembles, and Land of Nod is consistently inspiring).   And I haven’t included my current obsession – FLOR tiles – but if you’ve missed it, you can see Fionn’s room here.

1. Cool Kids
Cool Kids Universe is a clearinghouse for all sorts of kids stuff, from furniture to bedding to lighting to floor coverings.  I really like the colors in this rug (below); it allows for a lot of decorating flexibility.  And something about it reminds me of a Karim Rashid design with some sixties psychedelia thrown in.

Flower Power Area Rug, Cool Kids Universe

2. CB2
“Hopscotch” (below) has been covered all over the internets, so I won’t go into detail here.  But it’s the kind of rug that grows with your child, if you decide to keep it that long, and the kind of rug that’s low-risk ($199) if you change your mind.

Hopscotch rug, CB2

3. Rugs USA
I have a thing for felted stones, as evidenced here.  I’ve always loved the stone rug (below), and think it could be lots of fun in a kids room – with any color or style of decor.

Stone rug, Rugs USA

4.  My Urban Child
The next few rugs are from an amazing storefront called My Urban Child.  There are so many great items here, especially the Chandra rugs.   If I’m not mistaken, they’re the designs of a woman named Lisa Masterson, whose art has been translated to flooring.  Many of the designs come in multiple colorways; these are the ones I gravitated towards:

Avalisa rug

Fishbowl rug

Barrel of Monkeys

5.  Pillows and Throws
Lastly, the Parasols rug (below) is also a Chandra design, by Thomas Paul. I found it for sale on a site called  But as with any of these designs, if you like the rug, please do a comparison shopping search online to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Parasols by Thomas Paul

If you have a specific design question, please email me at and I’ll do my best to answer it for you.