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kids theme rooms in hotels

21 Mar

Until today, I never knew theme rooms in hotels existed.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I had heard about certain ‘hotels’ in Japan and their theme rooms… but this is a family-friendly blog.

I’ve clipped images from two hotels: one is a resort in Phuket, Thailand and the other is attached to a shopping mall in Edmonton, Canada.  They’re not the most stylish of rooms, but I’m thinking they could inspire some ideas. 

The Ramada Resort Karon Beach Phuket is known for being family-friendly, and this extends to room design. 

Top: Undersea room; Bottom: Space room 

These two rooms seem a bit budget to me, but I really adore the work put into the “castle/princess” design.

The tufted cushions on the headboard and footboard are especially sweet, and I really like the use of curtains to create the feeling that you’re living in a turret.

On another level entirely is the Fantasyland hotel in Edmonton, Alberta.  I don’t hold much hope for a hotel that advertises itself as being part of the largest mall in North America.  (This review on Trip Advisor confirms my suspicions).   But how can you resist a hotel that boasts 120 theme rooms in 11 different styles?

You’ll have to visit the website to see the full collection, but below are images from my favorites, the Truck Room and the Western Room.

Take it easy.


The Western room features some clever details, like the rear ends of horses at the head of the stagecoach, and bunk beds in ‘country jail’ (back corner in this photo).

Here’s a great description, courtesy of the website:

You open the door, say the only one thing you can say at a time like this, “Yee-Haw!” You and family mosey in, sit down and set a spell. When you’re done chewin’ the fat, it’s time to rustle up some grub. Long after the dinner bell has rung and you’re bellies are full, it’s time to retire for the night. There’s just one last thing to do before you turn in and that’s lock up your little rascals. The county jail has two comfy bunks to accommodate cowpokes of any age, so you make them sleep the night behind bars while you and your significant other curl up in a mighty fine bed in the back of the stagecoach. But make sure you git some sleep, because tomorrow’s another day and the trail leads back to the world’s largest entertainment and shopping complex.

Goodnight, y’all.