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pillows of creation

7 Apr

Reflection Nebula, $1750

If you’re a reader of Dwell magazine, you may have already read about the amazing work by an artist named Jimmy McBride (Jimmy, if you’re reading this, hope it’s OK that I’ve posted these images.)  I have a thing for art created from traditional materials – see the Museum of Arts & Design for more inspiration – and especially love it when textiles commonly associated with traditional ‘women’s work’ are translated in this way.

As readers of this blog already know, my husband is a huge fan of Space (we downloaded Cosmos on the Roku last night).  So I was doubly impressed to find him not only loving McBride’s work, but finding his renditions especially impressive. 

Pillars of Creation

Amazing detail.

For those (like me) new to Hubble photos, this is one of the most famous.  Taken in April 1995, it’s a real picture documenting the birth of stars — a nursery of stars, if you will!  According to Wikipedia, “the stars here are formed by other stars eroding at fingers of gas and this forms an egg shape out of the finger. Each “egg” is around the same size as our Solar System and houses a brand new star.”

Here’s the original composite photo:

Each column, known scientifically as an “elephant trunk,” is nearly seven light years long.

I wish we could afford one of these quilts… they’d be endlessly fascinating to study.   But if you’ve got the funds, and are in the market for a new piece of art, I’d definitely recommend making the $2K investment for a 52″ x 46″ Butterfly Nebula quilt.  Or, for $800, a cargo blanket featuring the April night sky. One wall down, only three to go! 

 The Butterfly Nebula

Cargo Blanket
A true blanket of stars.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.