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old skateboards, new furniture

28 Apr

Baby Deck chair by Boardgames, Etsy, sold out.

Saw this chair featured on Ohdeedoh today and had to investigate further.  Jason Greene, creator and founderof Boardgames, uses old skateboards and refashions them into gorgeous toys and furniture.  The idea of upcycling skateboards isn’t new (just scroll down) but I’m especially impressed with the way these are fashioned, tongue-in-groove, clean and smooth.

It seems as though Greene makes these pieces by hand, one at a time.  So if you’re quick, you may be able to pick up this stool, below:

 Blank stool by Boardgames, Etsy, $65

And lest you think this reworked/upcycled/recycled skateboard trend is just for the boys… 

Recycled yellow bangle by alldekdout, Etsy, $22

My skateboard bangle is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry – it’s super lightweight, fun, virtually indestructable, and one-of-a-kind.  The folks at alldekdout also sell earrings and other pieces of jewelry – check out their shop here.

Found some more examples of ‘deck furniture’ – many of which are no longer available for sale.  I especially like this shelving unit, apparently once having been sold by Walmart, at

Skateboard shelf

Then there’s the Skate Study House, a clever take on the mid-century Case Study House style… 

 Eames-inspired chair

Noguci-inspired coffee table

Nelson-inspired skate wheel clock

Read more on their website ee them on their website – I think they also create their items to order, but have the clock and some lamps available for immediate purchase (at around $200 a pop).

Then, of course, there’s Pottery Barn, below. These shelves are from PBTeen.

Skateboard shelves, PBTeen, $75 for two

Yes, you can get an old deck and some brackets and drill the holes yourself.  Or you can go the easy way.  For this price, I might just buy them ready-to-go.

Lastly, my favorite piece of furniture, but still in prototype-mode, unfortunately.

Shredbed by Chad Knight

Skater Chad Knight seems to have invested in furniture design.  I’ve read about it on a few websites, but haven’t seen anything more since 2008 about its saleability.  Could be a great inspiration piece for the handy parent, however.  Just take a basic Ikea Malm bed and attach some skateboards to the head and foot of the frame.  Or just create your own headboard.  Just itching for some graffiti, isn’t it?