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navy and gold, cub scouts, and vintage-look dresses

27 Apr

Have you ever noticed something, then couldn’t *stop* noticing it for about a week afterwards?
Perhaps it started on the day trip we made to East Hampton, with its endless strip of Ralph Lauren retail opportunities.

Or maybe it was inspired by the tales regaled by my husband of his time as a Cub, which were, in turn, inspired by my longing for Girl Scout cookies.

Vintage Cub Scout ephemera,

Or perhaps the mere fact of being in Greenport, having eaten my weight in steamers by the seaside, then returning to Brooklyn to find custom-designed totes by Wm. J. Mills for our local (Brooklyn) designer shop, Epaulet:

 Steamer Canvas Bag, Epaulet, $175

Regardless, I’ve been noticing a trend, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it too…

Shopbop email ad, 4/26/10

Nautical-themed or not, navy, gold & white feel really fresh right now, both in fashion and interiors.   I’m so in love with the idea of painting stripes on a wall somewhere – whether single-color (alternating gloss and matte, ala HGTV makeover shows), lines of equal weights, or to just add some visual contrast to a room.

Below, some variations on this color combo that I’ve spotted lately.  Enjoy.

Eclipse skirt, Brooklyn Industries, $68 (I’ve already bought it)

Awesome vintage-style twinset from Little Malaika, approx $30 USD

Monogram Jack & Lulu wall art, $50 (includes frame)

Fantastic striped room (Traditional Home  via Nursery Notations)- thanks Andrika!

Another nautical-inspired room (source unknown)

BHG website with tutorial on stripe-painting here.

A vertical take on the navy/white combo via Flickr

I think these rooms could be both masculine or feminine; it’s really about the accent colors and the accessories that makes it gender-specific. 

And, lastly, proof of the zeitgeist-worthiness of navy and gold… Brian Williams.  This is my best website find in a while, better than Sexy Executives.

This past Friday, here’s what Brian wore:

Brian works the Navy-and-Gold Palette like nobody’s business. Tonight’s striped version of it is a bit more elegant, however, because the blue leans violet and the gold is a pale and subtle shade. This tie is a drinks-after-work date, the jacket unbuttoned as he leans across the table to share a smile and a joke. Her glass of oaked Chardonnay sparkles in the light, and with a subtle and quick gesture, she silences her cellphone and smiles back.

UPDATE: Here are some more vertical stripes and great inspiration from The Peak of Chic blog.