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vintage hamilton cosco high chairs

21 Jun

cosco high chair, mikeyboy2020, ebay

I’ve been putting together images of mid-century and vintage-inspired high chairs for a future post. And in my searches, I came across this Cosco “Comfort Line” high chair being sold by “Mikeyboy2020” of Cincinnati on Ebay this week.  But there are only four days left for this auction, and was hoping someone might find it as interesting as I have.  In fact, this is the only vintage Cosco of its kind that I’ve found so far.  Apart from a chip on the footrest and the (Very Important) need to attach a new seatbelt strap, the chair is in pretty fantastic shape.  I figure that with shipping, you’ll pay a little less than $200 for it.

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to find the folding metal chairs similar to the one below (which is in great shape and also available on Ebay), although you might find the chrome needing a touch of polish and the seat requiring a brave scrubbing.

cosco folding chair, thevillagepeddler, ebay

It’s definitely very different from the powder-coated-and-animal-print-vinyl versions we’re used to today.  There’s something super cool about the late 60s/early 70s version of Cosco’s eponymous line.   My interest was piqued after learning that Fionn’s favorite chair is actually of the same generation of awesome designs to come out of the Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation of Columbus, Indiana.

cosco booster chair

Or if you’re looking for a booster seat, it’s pretty easy to find Fionn’s chair (as discovered by Grandma on Ebay and mentioned above).  I actually had no idea that it WAS a booster seat, and an adjustable one at that.  Compare these simple, beautiful designs to today’s existing contraptions, and it’s like comparing an Eames lounger to a Bob’s Furniture recliner.

And, lastly, the Cosco chair I hesitate to feature, because I kind of want it for my own.

cosco rocker, eames forever, ebay

Same as the booster, but a rocking chair, here on Ebay.  HOW COOL IS THIS.   So if you visit the link, and find it sold,  here’s the tip I’ll share with you:  Antiques > Periods & Styles > Mid-Century Modernism.  Always worth a browse.


daffodils, forsythia and all things yellow

24 Mar

After all the writing about black and white, I’ve been curiously drawn to all things yellow, both online and in the real world.

And after this dreary winter, daffodils and forsythia are definitely my unicorn chasers.

Front garden in Boerum Hill, on my way home the other day

David Hicks for Clarence House wallpaper

Sadly, I believe this wallpaper is discontinued, but I’ve just learned about David Hicks and will feature more designs in the future.

Daffodils always remind me of the Meadow line of bedding and decor from Amenity.

Amenity crib bedding, Design Public

I love all the Amenity designs, which range from woodlands to wetlands to meadows.  Amenity linens are all organic and even made with organic dyes.  Of course, they’re of the highest quality, which is why they’re available at Design Public.  

on orders $50+

As you can tell from the photo above, I’m a very amateur photographer.  But if you want some real photography, you really can’t miss with the prints I found on Etsy.

Top: Curiously yellow.  Bottom: A little dream.

The above two photos are the work of a woman named Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic, of Windsor, Ontario (by way of Sarajevo).  Her shop is found under the name Ajawin.

There’s something simply beautiful about her work, which is available on 8×8 archival paper, ready for framing and – best of all – only $20 each. 

Gordana’s Flickr page features more photos, each one more beautiful than the last. 

 My favorite photo of the day.